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Welcome the Fire Rooster and the New Moon

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As we talk of our intentions and continue in the new year, we welcome the year of the Fire Rooster from the Lunar calendar. Do you celebrate the Chinese New Year and what can we do around the home to cleanse and balance?

image roosterThe Chinese will start the Lunar Celebration with the first New Moon of the year. It is the biggest celebration of the Chinese culture and is celebrated for many days! These celebrations will include new clothes, family dinners, gift exchanging, decorations marked by an abundance of the color red (a symbol of good luck and prosperity).

Part of the Chinese New Year celebration includes a cleaning of the family home to welcome family and friends. Ritual sacrifices of food and paper icons were offered to gods and ancestors. People posted scrolls printed with lucky messages on household gates and set off firecrackers to frighten evil spirits. Elders gave out money to children. Many of the rituals still continue today and are meant to bring luck and health to family friends. This is the year of the Fire Rooster; fire is symbolized with red and red can be a lucky and prosperous color, especially around the house.

The year of the Fire Rooster and the time of the new moon create powerful energy. This makes it a good time to cleanse and create balance at home or the office. Take some time to meditate and create a calmness in your mind; this will open you up for creating positive energy in your space. Then you will be ready for the time of new moon, remove all clutter and cleanse your house and office. Remove all things which you do not use or which are broken beyond repair. Spend some time practicing your meditations to clear your mind from any negative thought and feelings for others. Clean your fridge and remove all stale food. Shower your plants with water and make sure you have removed all the dead parts. With these changes, you increase your positive energy and start to feel relaxed and refreshed. These changes will bring out the best in you and your surroundings. You will create a more positive environment and reap its benefits in terms of health and wealth.

Whether you celebrate your New Year on January first or with Lunar Calendar, now is a great time to energize, refresh and become balanced with all the energies in your environment. Remember abundance comes in many forms and gratitude fills your life.

Fire Rooster tip: Boost Fun and Family Relationships- Add Empower Candle on Northwest direction