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Create New Intentions & Celebrate

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As we begin a New Year, we celebrate new beginnings, a time of renewal and rejuvenation. The start to a new year is a time for creating intentions. The new year for me is even more notable; January is recognized as Black Diamond Month. The significance of having Black Diamond Month at the start of the year is intentional. Black diamonds are the crux of all my jewelry designs. Just as you create new intentions each year, each piece of jewelry I create has spiritual intentions.

Wearing jewelry is an extension of your personality and your style. Each piece you wear is an expression of your inner being. There is a certain amount of femininity and flow created with each piece you wear. What you pick and wear is intentional. You are creating a look that is what your inner you is showing to the outer you. This could be something as simple as wearing a single ring or as complex as layering many different pieces to create an edgier complex look. This is what makes the use of black diamonds in my pieces so perfect; they add a mysterious allure to any person. The are complex and simple, yin and yang.

blog green fateMy particular philosophy as a metastylist, starts with the stones I use in my jewelry. It is important and has meaning not only to me but to the wearer as well. I create each piece as a gorgeous accessory and each design is meant to enhance and empower. It’s important that each piece gives the wearer the feeling of inner beauty and harmony. This is why I selected black diamonds to use as the signature aspect on all of my collections. Black Diamonds are considered a protector stone and have naturally healing powers as they come from the earth. I then use other stones, metals, and designs to give my jewelry special significance to the wearer. Thus, creating a way for anyone to accessorize and create their own layers of power and strength.

Take some time to create your intentions for the new year, it’s important to create inner peace. When you are creating an intention, it’s an exercise in focus and calm. Each intention is an alignment of mind and body. Focus on your breath. Take the time to decide what to let go and what to bring in for the new year. This is a good habit to develop for you to do on a daily or monthly basis. Even if you just a have a few minutes, use my Coin Wishes to meditate and focus while you are moving about during your day. What new intentions have you set for the year?

I hope you will join me and spend some time this month celebrating Black Diamonds! You can see my complete collection on Black by Carole and make sure you follow me on Instagram for my new collections coming soon!!