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Organize your Closet, Organize your Life—and you thought it was just for clothing!

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Do you give much thought to your closets? Usually, just a place to store those bulky winter coats, lovingly place shoes and occasionally lose a glove in its depths, it’s more than that. A cluttered, disorganized closet creates that same confusion in your life. Did you know with just a few tweaks and adjustments you can create tranquility in your closet and your life?

As you enter your home, the hall closet is first. Usually packed with bulky coats, this is still where one greets guests. Although, the color of the inside of this closet should harmonize with the room into which it flows, choose a light color and one which is inviting and neutral such as soft green or blue, beige, pale pink, or gray. Hang a round mirror on the inside of the door. The circle shape denotes Harmony. Throw all those wire hangers out. Treat yourself to ones which are not only pretty, they will keep a better shape in clothing but also create color energy. Wooden hangers are a good choice for a hall closet as wood essence is grounding energy and is perfect for heavy coats. Is your closet crowded and bulky? The latest hangers are thin and linear perfect for small spaces choose in neutral tones.

There are several types of closets as we move deeper into your home, For a more traditional closet choose hangers in woods, suedes or velvets. The modern closet the brights or even Black and Whites work perfectly here. Thinking wallpaper? Choose motifs and colors that match your decors adding dimension and luxury to the home environment.

Always scent your closet with the scent of floral bouquets or the fresh scent of lemon to invigorate and improve energy. Cedar cleanses the air and brings freshness to your closet, perfect for storage. Sachets are perfect here.

Let's move into your the boudoir! Your personal closet should first and foremost be neat, organized and have a plan. Your closet should be cleaned, cleared and renewed with each season. If you don’t have closet space to have seasonal clothing gather, place the out of season clothing in garment bags and store. The color of your closet should be in coordination with your room's décor. If you personally wear dark colors paint the closet a warm light color. If you wear mostly light bright colors make your closet color neutral. If you are a an early morning riser and you require color stimulation. Consider using the colors yellow, green and red.

The flooring of your closet should correspond with the bedroom for luxury and to tease the eye to enlarge the space. Make sure your closet has a full-length mirror on the inside of the door if possible.

From down lights to crystal chandeliers add glamor to space. Remember to place the light switch outside the closet door.

Going one step further in your closet, try built in drawers. They are luxurious and help organize. Add beautiful hardware, it is glamorous as well as functional and perfect to hang your hangers as you are sorting your wardrobe to pack for a trip. Check my video on closet organization—I have built in above my drawer space open shelves, each compartment I have placed bags and sunglasses and color coordinated. This has helped me quickly coordinate with color my outfit making it an easy picking.

Let's talk shoes! Shoe storage is a must, from sneakers to slides, flip flops and flats to stilettos. Each shoe category deserves its own space and it's easy to add the storage to your closet with shelves.

Organizing and implementing some of my tips in your closets will keep the dynamics of you and your home balanced and add to the tranquility of your personal space.