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Create Balance for your Home, Family and Friends; Not Stress for the Holidays

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Christmas is a perfect time to let the colors and scents come alive in your life. To spend time with friends, family and enjoy the lights, sounds and energy of the holiday. There are many things you can do to help create positive space and energy for your home, family and friends.

Over the holidays, we greet our friends with hope for a prosperous new year. Take some time to prepare your home. It’s very important to unclutter and clean your home before the holidays begin. Once you’ve cleaned your living quarters, you’re ready to set up the tree in your prosperity area. With lights on your tree, you are creating an agent for new energy.

In your kitchen, a deep cleaning gives you fresher utensils to prepare holiday goods, and you’ll be doing great Feng Shui! If you have copper pots hanging over the stove, give them an extra cleansing. Copper balances the fire energy that your stove will be pouring out every time you cook.

Set out a new doormat for new opportunities to come for everybody in the New Year.

Hang up a Christmas wreath. Keep it moist, spray it, you don’t have to scent it as the pine needles have a beautiful smell all their own. Make sure the wreath has a warm red bow on it…or fruit! The wreath is perfect for your door as it is round for harmony-the shape of the Yin/Yang.

Place a bell behind your door. It will bring in new energy and harmony to welcome in the New Year.

Water is also an important stimulant for the metals in the earth. And gold is a great metal for the early year. As a color, gold or yellow are also great to use in design, wardrobe and, of course, cooking.

Serve your meals with a “heaven on earth” table setting in accordance with the table. If you have a square table, set round placemats. If your table is round, use square placemats.

There is beautiful potpourri you can create for the holidays. Combining clove, cinnamon, allspice, dried orange peel, orrisroot and essential oil is one that you can create. Put them in balls with a ribbon, in cups, or as stuffing for a pillow.

Traditionally, red and green are Christmas colors. Red will help us feel warm and green is a color of the earth.

Cinnamon and nutmeg are the choice Christmas spices. Nutmeg sprinkled into a cup of eggnog is a traditional way to drink it and you know how nourishing milk is for you. Cinnamon in many baked goods is great and it’s a nice twist to add to tea, coffee and even hot cocoa! You know that Chinese doctors use cinnamon to treat colds in some of their patients!

It’s time to invite your friends and family over for a holiday celebration! Enjoy special family activities with the whole family. As a mid-winter treat, consider having everyone in the family invite two or three of their best friends for a Sunday brunch.

I enjoy the idea of throwing a party for people of all ages. In addition to hearing wise, witty and wonderful stories from grandparents and great-grandparents, the elderly love spending time with children who are creating fictitious and funny stories for them. It’s great to see the different age groups bonding together and playing word games, which can ultimately result in good conversation. Of course, have a camera on hand and let one of the children take photos of everybody together. This is good Feng Shui.

Children love to decorate, make sure they have their own table with an old cloth for protection and supply lots of brown craft paper, crayons, watercolors and washable poster paint so they can decorate their own table settings for this brunch! They can create their own art from sliced up fruits like apples and pomegranates. Dip a sliced apple in gold paint and see what prints you can make! The vegetable of the season is the artichoke and this also makes a beautiful print. You can use some of nature’s elements like seashells, pinecones, pebbles and even rocks to decorate tablecloths, wall hangings and other art in your rooms. Let them use the colors for February-green, blue and yellow. When we are working with colors we are embracing the palates from the outside world into your internal space with green (growth, prosperity) yellow (sun energy) and blue (communication).

In the New Year, you can continue to balance warmth and prosperity the Feng Shui way in everything you do. With snow on the ground in so many parts of our country, we need to both keep the fires burning AND also keep reminding ourselves that the earth is right underneath the snow. Use browns, blues, greens and reds in your wardrobe and in your home. Spend time with your friends and family, remembering the festivities from the winter and planning new festivities and warm experiences.

By drawing the natural world to our internal space and creating a flow of positive energy, we create balance. This will allow warmth and prosperity to flow and strong bonds to form for a memorable holiday time. Tell me how you create balance and positive energy during the holidays.