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The Power of Green- Love, Growth, & Prosperity Vigorous, Balanced, Easy Going

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The color green is a way to empower yourself and nurture yourself within. Did you know the color green is used to illustrate the color of your heart? Mirroring the energy that is alive, vibrant, and growing. A color for quiet and refuge

Tips for the Home

  • Place a bamboo plant near your kitchen sink.
  • Add a large green bowl to put your fruit in.
  • Find old kitchen stools and paint them the color of green add a beautiful pattern for the cushion
  • Add a splash of fun color with lime to enrich the playful space.
  • Accents of lime in the kitchen take the drab of boring and turn it to a new level of lively.
  • Living Room: combine green with pale blue, representing the outdoor colors of the sea and forest. This is a wonderful combination to entertain. It’s the new relaxed “shoot the breeze” color with friends and family. Combine with pinks, blush or hot to offer a warm accent.

From perfume to tea, green evokes freshness and power. Play green music- Clair de Lune to soothe your soul, and fill your home with joyful vibration. Don’t forget to light your Blue Empower candle, create harmony and energize your home to sparkle, shine, and set your path to new adventures.