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Making the Color Connection Part 1

As a child, choosing a color from your first box of crayons was an initial statement of individuality. As an adult, you continue to express your personality through the colors you select for your clothes, home furnishing, hobbies and art. But colors can do more than reflect characteristics. They can trigger emotions, create excitement, soothe the savage beast and motivate the recalcitrant soul. They can disturb and they can agitate. Color can make a small room appear larger; a high ceiling, lower; a dreary room, brighter. It can pull the eye away from problem areas and it can unify spaces. It helps to know how the primary color sand their variations affect us, visually and emotionally.

Red is Vital, Energetic, Aggressive

  • Red towels will warm up a clinical- white bathroom.
  • Shades of rose and pink speak of romance in a bedroom.
  • Burgundy and plum are tones enrich for home office space or infer elegance in a traditional living room.

Orange is Lively

  • Use full strength in children’s rooms, playrooms, bathrooms and other areas where relaxing is not the main activity.
  • Peach and apricot enhance all skin tones.
  • Terra cotta is a great color accent in all cream or white room. It instantly creates a warm, harmonious and relaxing atmosphere.

Yellow is Bright and Joyful

  • Bright or pale, yellow brings warmth and light into the darkest space.
  • Mustard, gold or golden brown add a warm and inviting glow.
  • Yellow also can be very elegant in a sophisticated setting.

Green is Nature’s Favorite Color

  • All shades bring vibrancy and lushness to dim rooms.
  • All greens gain clarity from contrast accent.

Blue is Harmonious and Peaceful

  • It promises cool breezes and broad vistas.

Violet is Powerful

  • Lilac is romantic, ideal for a bedroom.
  • Deeper grey and plummy tones of violet are warm and mysterious.