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Fall Spruce Up!

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Living Room or Family Room

  • Lighting and candles- for softness and soothing or energizer. Pay attention as it features your color accents or back lite plants.
  • Lushness of plants and also autumn leave- add harmony to your home- total of 9.
  • Photographs of your family “alums out” to create union and welcome and add wonderful times together.
  • Wind chimes- sounds of nature.
  • In the kitchen, behind the burners or side wall, add a mirror to bring abundance to your home.
  • Soft music add soothing- symphonies, concerts, Native American music.
  • Scents of spices, apples, candles all bring warmth and good cheer. Apple cider to welcome guests.
  • Tapestries, photographs of fruits and flowers and Nature on the walls. Mirrors reflective of beautiful views- a picture of such bring Balance and Harmony.
  • In the Kitchen- keep yellow flowers in a central point as sunshine. As the Hostess pressure is up, this will keep a Balance and Harmony in the space.

Hostess- wear colors or green and yellow or earth tones. Pink or red for romance and friendship.

Colors for living room- yellow, green, blues, turquoise. Natural tones as caramel, vanilla khaki, greens- soft backgrounds.

Warmth, romance, excitement are wonders colors can create. As we enhance our lifestyle, we can choose to create our homes to show our understanding by our choices from the rainbow of colors.